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The Next Generation of Localization Technology

Transifex Native redefines localization. Manage all your global content in one central place and save time on deployment. Embed it directly into your code and make localization a seamless part of the development lifecycle.

Agile Development & Seamless Localization

Highly reliable, feature-rich and user-friendly, Transifex Native frees up engineers’ time from unnecessary localization tasks.

Over the air content updates

No more deployments just for localization purposes. Product and localization managers can now create, edit, and publish translations on the fly.


Work in parallel versions simultaneously without worrying about conflicts, helping you increase productivity and team collaboration.

Learn more on our Technology Overview page.

Accelerate Releases

Internationalize your digital content regardless of the programming language. No need to worry about files, integrations, and pull request reviews.

Quick onboarding & easy set-up

Kick-start your localization project in minutes thanks to our rich technical documentation and sandbox.

Intelligent string management

Duplicate content between your web and mobile apps will become a thing of the past. Your translators will have fewer strings to translate, letting you improve translation quality while saving on costs.

Centrally Manage Your Content

Store all of your content — text strings, code repositories, frameworks, and branches — in one place.

A single source of truth for all your global content

It’s time for localization technology to catch up with the modern workplace, where collaboration happens in the cloud, not via files on a laptop.

A unified markup to localize any app

Whether you’re using Python or JavaScript, use the same language to identify & translate your strings. Say goodbye to endless file formats.


Use metadata for more content insights than ever before. Prioritize tasks and get better translations in return.

Personalized Workflows

Easily build personalized workflows using our new powerful API, webhooks, and integrations to automate your processes.

Control & Privacy

Get the option to host your translations in your own Content Delivery System (CDS) and have full control.

Benefits by Persona

Focus on building the product and let modern localization technology do the rest.

Streamline the entire localization workflow and launch your product in new markets faster than ever before.

Deliver translations of the highest quality, without worrying about breaking the code.

Source content creation and editing together with in-context support to let your creativity shine.

Want to learn more about Transifex?

Let us know if you’re interested in Transifex Native and one of our team members will get in touch with you soon.

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